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Nushift began as a solutions provider for continuity of care with an aim to bridge the communication gap by connecting the dots between healthcare professionals and the society and soon evolved into a big dream to create a larger impact: Achieving better healthcare outcomes and empowering the whole healthcare system.

Through our immense expertise in Information Technology and a deep insight into healthcare delivery systems and present technology trends in global healthcare, we aim to digitally upgrade healthcare service providers, individual healthcare professionals, and health seekers.


Why Nushift?

Today’s Age Centers Around Doctor-Patient Relationship!

Nushift has analyzed the present trend of patients choosing a particular healthcare institution over another. It is vastly influenced by the doctor-patient relationship alongside the medical technology. This relationship can be improved through a digital savvy healthcare system, where the doctor can keep a track of his or her patients, reduce waiting time and tedious paperwork, and also consult other doctors and recommend specialists to patients for the next level of treatment.

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